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Wash, Dry, & Fold

Your life is busy enough as is, even without the endless household chores.  With our Wash, Dry & Fold service you can enjoy doing more of the things you love!  Simply leave your clothes with us and get on with your busy day.  We will:

  • Sort your items by color before we launder

  • Guarantee to wash your clothes, and your clothes alone

  • Use first grade detergents, softeners and dryer sheets 

  • Fold and bag your fresh, tidy clothes
  • Follow any individualized special instructions or preferences 

**  DOES NOT INCLUDE dry cleaning, pressing, comforters, drapes, carpet, wedding dresses, formal wear, pressed shirts, alterations, lethers, suedes.

Large Get Pressed Bag up to 50 lbs $49.99

Medium Get Pressed Bag up to 25 lbs $24.99
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